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We have been concentrating on advanced management, professional working teams and integrated production facilities.

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We are a cable factory founded in 2006,aroud 10 years cables manufacture experience.Wemain produce Audio and Video cables, coaxial cables and lan cables,computer cables. With 12000square metres of workshop space and 150 staff.we are located in Changzhou City which is wellknown as "Dragon City", It takes only 1 hours by train from Shanghai to our company under fasttraffic conditions.

Now we have four workshops: Raw cable workshop, AV cable workshop, Lan cable&Patchcords workshop and packaging workshop. We have a complete set of machines for cables: High-speed buncher, Vertical single twister, Horizontal pair twister, Cantilever single twister, Foamextruder, Core wire extruder, Jacket extruder, Vertical injection molding machine, Solderingmachine and Riveting pressure machine. Stable workforce, good management, completeindustrial chain from cable making, soldering, moulding, packing and exporting can offer you morecompetitive price.

Diligent, Responsible, Prudent, Honest." is our core value. Creating value for our customers,building development platform for our staff, providing benefits for shareholders and contributingto the society." is our mission.Let's work together for our grand prospect: Promoting trading withmanufacture, making up manufacture with trading, combining manufacture with trading, to be therenowned supplier of electronic accessories in China."

  • Have a complete set of advanced equipment to meet the customized production needs of various high-quality data lines.

  • Products are made of high-quality raw materials to ensure product quality from the source.

  • Products meet the safety export environmental protection standards, safe, stable and reliable.

  • Quick response within 24 hours to quality problems, support replacement.

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