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    Future Development Trend of Wire Harness Processing Plant

    At present, Internet plus, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies are widely applied in physical products. What are the future development trends of traditional wire harness processing plants?

    1. Mechanization of Wire Harness Processing Plant

    1. Automation management of production equipment. At present, only part of the process of wire harness processing plant has realized full automatic equipment production. It is expected that all automation management will be realized in 2025, so as to increase production sales and reduce the cost of wire harness processing plant.

    2. The labor force of wire harness processing factory is greatly reduced. With the continuous innovation of AI+Internet technology, wire harness processing factory will realize all robotic operation instead of labor force.

    3. Unmanned Warehouse System

    With the gradual improvement of modern unmanned warehouse and the continuous application of the actual operation of enterprises, the material management of wire harness processing plant is constantly achieving the goal management, and in the future the factory will realize the unmanned warehouse management system.