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First-class talents are the basis of building first-class enterprises. Enterprise development needs talents and also needs to train talents. We follow the employing concept of "discovering, cultivating and retaining talents". Continuous delivery of fresh blood for enterprises, talent to fly in the broad sky.

Firstly, the trust concept of "no doubt about the employer, no doubt about the suspect" should be established to build a platform for scientific and technological personnel to carry out scientific and technological innovation.

Secondly, the talent competition mechanism of building "the competent, the fair, the mediocre" is established.

3. Encourage every employee to motivate themselves with their high expectations and high standards, so that every employee and the company can work together and grow together.

Open up channels to attract talented people and invite talented people from all over the world to join us

We have actively broadened the channels of attracting talents and adopted the all-round way of "two-in, multi-channel" attracting talents. One is to enter the market of all kinds of senior talents and attract all kinds of talents needed by enterprises. The second is to participate in the talent dialogue activities of other institutions of higher learning, to negotiate and communicate with the talents of higher learning, to make two-way choices, and to solve the problem of talent resources in the development of our cause. In addition, it also recruits talents through international cooperation, headhunting companies and the establishment of talent websites.

Let go of the use of talents and realize the rational allocation of personnel and posts

We adhere to the principle of "the sage is in the first place, the wise is in the side, the competent is in the middle, and the meritorious is in the front" and establish a "four-ability" employment mechanism that "the cadres can go up and down, the personnel can go in and out, the institutions can set up and withdraw, and the income can be high and low". Through the design of career development plan for employees, combined with the implementation of performance evaluation, education and training, job rotation exercise and other systems, a good talent environment and a benign competitive incentive mechanism are created.

Creating a talent-retaining environment to maintain the core competitiveness of enterprises

We pursue the strategy of "retaining talents with emotion, career, treatment and culture". Make people have a sense of achievement and pride in their career, thus creating a sense of responsibility and belonging of "enterprises rejuvenate themselves and honor themselves, enterprises decay and shame", so as to retain people by their career; constantly reform the salary system, implement paid vacation, promote full participation in insurance, relieve the "worries behind" of talents, so as to keep people by treatment; Strong corporate culture construction, adhere to the "people-oriented" management concept, so as to retain people with culture.

"Hainabaichuan, let Jiaolong take off; 1000 boats race, let Qunying compete first."

Our talent concept is and will continue to promote the healthy and high-speed development of enterprises.